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Card Log

01/23/17 ------------
- Shop Package (Random Small): gossipgirl-chuckbass15, littlemermaid18, vampirediaries-02x1606

01/20/17 ------------
- Wish: batb-bellebeast19, Coin (x2), jonasbrothers11
- Hangman: britneyspears-womanizer18, Coin, glee-forgood14
- Memory: Coin (x2), glee-02x2209, robertpattinson09, tnbc-thisishalloween05
- Lottery: cityofbones-claryjace11, Coin (x2), devilwearsprada-andysachs18, hp-flyinglesson08, meangirls19
- Blackjack: bambi12, chrisevans12, Coin (x2), lilycollins09
- Card Claim: 90210-lietome10, adele18
- Take a Chance: Coin (x4), exo-mama10, gossipgirl-blairchuck03, ladygaga-justdance10
- Unreleased Decks Vote: btvs-buffysummers06, Coin (x2), ryangosling16, ryangosling19
- Higher or Lower: britneyspears-womanizer05, britneyspears-womanizer05
- Slot Machine: chrisevans07, Coin (x5), emmawatson18, originals-01x0116

01/13/17 ------------
- Wish: adele09, Coin (x2), ninadobrev01
- Hangman: adele09, Coin, paulwesley03
- Memory: batb-onceuponatime13, Coin (x2), lost-01x0118, onetreehill-lucasscott02
- Lottery: britneyspears-womanizer01, Coin (x2), glee-02x2205, meangirls09
- Blackjack: Coin (x2), gossipgirl-blairchuck16, meangirls-jinglebellrock03, tangled10
- Card Claim: 90210-ivyraj13, 90210-lietome01
- Tic Tac Toe: lucyhale15, sclub706, tbbt-pennyleonard19
- Unreleased Decks Vote: acinderellastory04, Coin (x2), jacksonrathbone14, twilight-alicejasper20
- Higher or Lower: candiceaccola12, house-cuddyhouse10
- Slot Machine: btvs-buffysummers02, Coin (x5), emmawatson17, littlemix-dna09

01/11/17 ------------
- Coupon Exchange: Choice Coupon (x3) for candiceaccola08, candiceaccola09, candiceaccola10
- Shop packages (Choice Medium): Choice Coupon (x3)

01/06/17 ------------
- Wish: 10thingsihate03, cityofbones-claryjace07, Coin (x2)
- Hangman: breakfastclub14, Coin, spicegirls05
- Memory: adele05, Coin (x2), gossipgirl-blairwaldorf01, mileycyrus-theclimb04
- Melting Pot: aladdin-jasmine10, twilight-bellaedward12 for paulwesley16, vampirediaries-icansing09
- Lottery: acinderellastory12, aladdin-friendlikeme16, Coin (x2), house-cuddyhouse10, jonasbrothers13
- Blackjack: Coin (x2), jacksonrathbone13, originals-01x0108, vampirediaries-02x1615
- Card Claim: 10thingsihate15, 90210-ivyraj08
- Tic Tac Toe: 10thingsihate11, adele06, vampirediaries-02x1613
- Unreleased Decks Vote: Coin (x2), originals-01x0112, spicegirls08, vampirediaries-02x1606
- Higher or Lower: jacksonrathbone20, ninadobrev08
- Slot Machine: bambi19,, Coin (x5), littlemix-dna01, vampirediaries-elenagilbert15

12/31/16 ------------
- Level 2: candiceaccola06, btvs-buffysummers20, Coin (x10), gossipgirl-chuckbass20, mileycyrus-theclimb01, ryangosling05, spicegirls17

12/30/16 ------------
- Wish: 10thingsihate18, aladdin-jasmine05, Coin (x2)
- Hangman: aladdin-jasmine13, Coin, gossipgirl-blairwaldorf07
- Memory: Coin (x2), exo-mama15, twilight-bellaedward12, vampirediaries-02x1617
- Lottery: avatar-jakesully13, house-cuddyhouse07, vampirediaries-icansing03
- Blackjack: bambi20, Coin (x2), greysanatomy-izziestevens05, greysanatomy-izziestevens15
- Card Claim: originals-01x0113, vampirediaries-elenagilbert18
- Tic Tac Toe: breakfastclub15, gossipgirl-blairchuck15, littlemermaid08
- Take a Chance: 10thingsihate18, 90210-lietome15, batb-onceuponatime01, Coin (x5), tbbt-pennyleonard19, twilight-alicejasper07
- Unreleased Decks Vote: btvs-buffysummers02, chrisevans07, Coin (x2), vampirediaries-icansing16
- Higher or Lower: aladdin-friendlikeme01, hp-hermionegranger01
- Slot Machine: Coin (x3), gossipgirl-blairwaldorf07, hp-flyinglesson19, tangled06
- Updates: alanrickman04, avatar10, avatar12, candiceaccola05, candiceaccola16, chrisevans01, chrisevans02, doctorwho-eleventh02, hp-hermionegranger01, iansomerhalder03, ninadobrev03, originals-01x0103, paulwesley03, ryangosling01, twilight-bellaedward15, vampirediaries-02x1603, vampirediaries-elenagilbert04, vampirediaries-icansing02

12/25/16 ------------
- Grand Opening Freebies: alanrickman02, andrewgarfield03, candiceaccola04, candiceaccola17, doctorwho-eleventh01, gossipgirl-blairwaldorf04, iansomerhalder02, lionking-hakunamatata07, ninadobrev02, originals-01x0102, paulwesley02, vampirediaries-02x1602, vampirediaries-elenagilbert03

12/23/16 ------------
- Scrambled: 90210-ivyraj13, btvs-buffysummers17, ninadobrev18
- Guess the TV Show: 10thingsihate08, alanrickman03, batb-onceuponatime04
- Guess the Movie: gossipgirl-blairchuck09, hp-hermionegranger13, spicegirls13
- Who Said That?: 90210-ivyraj18, lilycollins06, lilycollins11
- Guess the Celebrity: acinderellastory-samaustin03, house-cuddyhouse12, onetreehill-lucasscott12
- Wish: batb-bellebeast18, Coin (x2), iansomerhalder19
- Hangman: 90210-ivyraj01, adele03, Coin
- Memory: 90210-ivyraj03, Coin (x2), emmawatson14, hp-flyinglesson07
- Lottery: 90210-lietome15, Coin (x2), greysanatomy-03x2506, originals-01x0119
- Blackjack: Coin (x2), emmawatson01, littlemermaid-arieleric11, meangirls-jinglebellrock11
- Card Claim: candiceaccola03, vampirediaries-elenagilbert15
- Tic Tac Toe: 90210-ivyraj20, acinderellastory-samaustin16, batb-bellebeast04
- Take a Chance: acinderellastory-samaustin11, andrewgarfield11, batb-bellebeast05, batb-onceuponatime13, Coin (x4), emmawatson04, vampirediaries-elenagilbert02
- Unreleased Decks Vote: Coin (x2), iansomerhalder08, littlemermaid-ariel05, paulwesley08
- Higher or Lower: batb-bellebeast18, jonasbrothers06
- Slot Machine: avatar-jakesully19, Coin (x3), kristenstewart15, meangirls19
- Updates: alanrickman01, bambi07, bambi15, candiceaccola02, iansomerhalder01, ninadobrev01, originals-01x0101, paulwesley01, ryangosling13, ryangosling16, tnbc-thisishalloween10, vampirediaries-02x1601, vampirediaries-elenagilbert01, vampirediaries-icansing01

12/22/16 ------------
- Scrambled: vampirediaries-elenagilbert11, adele09, glee-02x2207
- Guess the TV Show: batb-bellebeast02, glee-02x2203, kristenstewart16
- Guess the Movie: britneyspears-womanizer02, ladygaga-justdance15, ninadobrev09
- Who Said That?: glee-02x2201, house-cuddyhouse14, mileycyrus-theclimb10
- Guess the Celebrity: andrewgarfield02, littlemix-dna02, twilight-alicejasper12
- Wish: Coin (x2), dexter-01x0109, littlemermaid15
- Hangman: Coin, gossipgirl-blairwaldorf01, originals-01x0104
- Memory: Coin (x2), glee-02x2216, lost-01x0108, pll-hannacaleb03
- Lottery: andrewgarfield12, Coin (x2), gossipgirl-blairwaldorf18, jonasbrothers05, tangled09
- Blackjack: aladdin-friendlikeme08, aladdin-jasmine10, Coin (x2), onetreehill-lucasscott12
- Card Claim: candiceaccola01, vampirediaries-elenagilbert07
- Tic Tac Toe: greysanatomy-03x2502, greysanatomy-03x2508, lost-01x0117
- Take a Chance: acinderellastory-samaustin12, Coin
- Unreleased Decks Vote: acinderellastory16, breakfastclub11, Coin (x2), gossipgirl-blairchuck18
- Higher or Lower: candiceaccola12, 90210-lietome06
- Slot Machine: cityofbones-claryjace04, Coin (x4), ladygaga-justdance19, littlemermaid-arieleric18
- Starter Pack: 10thingsihate16, andrewgarfield14, Coin (10), emmawatson08, gossipgirl-blairwaldorf09, meangirls14, twilight-alicejasper20, vampirediaries-02x1618, vampirediaries-02x1620

Trade Log

01/04/17 ------------
- Traded Lindi: my aladdin-jasmine05, aladdin-jasmine13 for iansomerhalder11, ninadobrev04

12/27/16 ------------
- Traded Lindi: my batb-bellebeast04, Kayori MC for Lindi MC, originals-01x0112

12/26/16 ------------
- Traded Allison: my 10thingsihate08, emmawatson04, emmawatson14, hp-flyinglesson07, Kayori MC, kristenstewart16, ryangosling13, ryangosling16 for Allison MC, candiceaccola07, iansomerhalder04, ninadobrev20, vampirediaries-02x1605, vampirediaries-02x1615, vampirediaries-elenagilbert09, vampirediaries-icansing05




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