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Name: Kayori
Card Count: 2526
Card Worth: 2526
Mastered: 60
Level: Fourteen (2301-2600 Card Worth)
Status: Active

Latest Site Update: 07/23/17

Card Log

07/23/17 ------------
- Vote on Unreleased Decks: gonegirl07, madhouse02, waiterrant14
- War: goodomens14, randgaredead08, themapoftime08
- Spin the Wheel: afeastforcrows13, liesofredemption10
- Pick a Book: amongothers05, hpprisonerofazkaban-alt108
- Lottery: lovermine05, thedavincicode15, vicious08, yendi14, zeitenzauber14
- Hangman: lolita15, thelastbreath09
- Blackjack: shatteredmirror11, thebermudeztriangle12
- Wishing Well: crossed02, letitsnow10, thetaleofgenji06
- Tic Tac Toe: americangods-alt102, cityoffallenangels05, dereunie14
- Slots: acrosstheuniverse08, diplomaticimmunity02, fahrenheit45104
- Memory: agatheringofgargoyles-alt102, deadsouls12, uncommoncriminals01
- Higher or Lower: blackdawn11, nachdemsommer14
- Card Claim: 198415, 231210
- Card Puzzle: gonegirl06, hpprisonerofazkaban-alt112, themadnessunderneath15
- Updates: acourtofmistandfury07, julieofthewolves02, mockingjay08, ofloveandevil07, quidditchtta11, tcnthelastbattle13, theassassinsblade06, thedarkdaysclub14, thewalkingdeadriseofthegovernor03, thewalkingdeadtheroadtowoodbury06, uprooted01




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