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Name: Kayori
Card Count: 695
Card Worth: 695
Mastered: 1
Level: Four (501-700 Card Worth)
Status: Active

Latest Site Update: 01/19/16

= 43

Card Log

07/08/17 ------------
- Memory: 2broke-extrawork12, angel-hero16, constantine-s109, drwho-partingways03
- Lottery: 2broke-extrawork01, Television, teenwolf-stilesderek10, twd-still13
- Slots: 2broke-maxcaroline15, pll-ariamontgomery10
- Wheel of Fortune: arrow-felicitysmoak02, mikemolly-mikebiggs16, supergirl-childishthings06, Television
- Pick a Poster: gossipgirl-goodbyegossipgirl06, pll-spencerhastings04, sense8-rileyblue01, xfiles-pilot18
- War: drwho-partingways17, ncis-leroyjethrogibbs15
- Vote on Unreleased Decks: ggirls-sookiestjames07, human-johndorian15, tbbt-zazzysubstitution12
- Tongue Tied: criminalminds-derekmorgan04, ggirls-jessmariano11, ggirls-rorygilmore01, Television
- Tic Tac Toe: devmaids-s102, forever-artofmurder04, got-criplesbrokenthings02
- Currency Freebies: Television (x3)
- Freebies: hemlock-s113, shadowhunters-claryfray13
- Peeptin: angel-charlesgunn16, buffy-spikedrusilla10, burnnotice-newdeal18, Television
- Card Claim: 2broke-andthedjface15, 2broke-carolinechanning14, community-brittaperry09, gossipgirl-goodbyegossipgirl16
- Memory: 2broke-drugmoney04, criminalminds-alchemy19, ggirls-christopherhayden12, Television
- Word Crunch: angel-charleswinifred10, buffy-xanderharris14, shield-tahiti18, Television
- BlackJack: criminalminds-doubt05, leftovers-pilot04, Television
- Updates: gossipgirl-goodbyegossipgirl11, got-valardohaeris01, got-valardohaeris02, shadowhunters-ofmenangels13, trueblood-beautifullybroken01




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